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Fit 4 PropTech Academy
  • This is High Rise Ventures' initiative of Knowledge Transfer of years of experience of bringing together StartUps and customers or partners of alle sizes - from other SMEs up to Corporates. The workshop give attendees a comprehensive introduction to PropTech

Within or Outside Real Estate
  • Managing Directors, Asset Manager, Head of / Directors of Technical Departments, Strategy Managers

  • Innovation Menegers, Investment Managers

Background / Experience
  • Engineering (Construction, Logistics and Mechatronic), Management & Comunication

  • Consultancy, Controlling, Operations, Serial Founders, Business Angels

Languages / Place
  • Our Workshops are currently available in English and German

  • Flexibility and experience across Europe

Events / Internal
  • National & International Fairs, Keynote Speaking, Panels & Roundtables

  • Digitalization & Strategy Workshops


PropTech, Driver of Digitalization, Considerations for your branch


Smart Building, Assessment Framework, Gateway of thr Future, API and Data Monitarization


Successful collaboration with StartUps

StartUps, Collaboration approaches, Digital transformation

PropTechs are working on disruptive business models that are targeting the Real Estate industry with digital transformation. How can one react to this change? What potential does a possible collaboration has? How does your Smart Building Strategy might look like?

The workshop is divided in 3 parts. The first part gives an overview of what PropTech is, how digitalization is changing the industry and what changes established market players need to make.

The second part explores the question of how to evaluate a propTech IoT (Internet of Things) company in terms of its technical footprint and how to come up with its own Smart Building Strategy.

In the third part, we look at successful cocreation between PropTech and Real Estate companies, how it can be achieved and what success factors are the ones to target.

Combination of all 3 modules provides a one-day learning experience

For additional information and booking please contact us at

Overview of PropTech Landscape
1 hour
max. 50 people
1 Presenter
smart building strategy workshop
3 hours
max. 10 people
2 Presenters
successful collaboration with startups workshop
3 hours
max. 10 people
2 Presenters

Smart Building Strategy

Overview PropTech Landscape

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